JHENG JEWELLERY in collaboration with National Theater & Concert Hall

A cross-area collaboration for the 2021 Taiwan International Festival of Art (TIFA) highlight performance “Thousand Stages, Yet I Haven Never Quite Lived.” The LianPu collection in collaboration with the renowned Mei School artist Wei HaiMin pays tribute to the arts.

In 2021, the century old JHENG JEWELLERY collaborated with Taiwan's cultural pinnacle, the National Theater & Concert Hall, for the Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) focus play ``Thousand Stages, Yet I Have Never Quite Lived.`` Through the rich cultural heritage and outstanding artistry of the ``LianPu Collection`` JHENG joined forces with National Arts Award winner and Chinese Opera Mei School artist Wei HaiMin for the first time. The fascinating and profound life journeys and artistic spirits of both collide to create beautiful sparks, paying homage to the arts. Additionally, during the performance period, JHENG JEWELLERY X ``Thousand Stage, Yet I Haven Never Quite Lived.`` The LianPu Collection Jewellery Exhibition will be showcased in the lobby of the National Theater.

JHENG JEWELLERY, since its establishment in 1918, known for its century-old tradition of handcrafted unique pieces with hand-drawn designs and carefully selected gemstones, draws inspiration from its classic ``The LianPu Collection`` to seamlessly complement the National Theater & Concert Hall's ambitious play, “Thousand Stage, Yet I have Never Quite Lived. “A three-year project featuring Mei School artist Wei HaiMin, internationally acclaimed Singapore director Ong KengSen, and prominent Taiwanese artists Chen ChiehJen and Chang ChaoTang, starting from Wei HaiMin’s life experience, the play explores Taiwan's political, cultural, and ideological developments over the past sixty years. Aligning with the brand's historical craftsmanship, JHENG's creations reflect the cultural atmosphere of different eras and accumulate artistic energy from life experiences. The `` LianPu Collection`` draws inspiration from artistic director Joan Cheng’s childhood memories of Chinese Opera appreciation, sparking JHENG's desire to pay tribute to eternal and immortal art through precious and rare high jewelry.

In ``Thousand Stages, Yet I Have Never Quite Lived`` Wei HaiMin intertwines significant moments in Taiwan's history with her own life, reprising six classic roles on stage. Whether in design or performance, both JHENG and Wei HaiMin have been deeply inspired by memories and life experiences, leading to their present achievements. Collaborating for the first time, they release the initial set of images for the ``JHENG JEWELLERY The LianPu Collection`` X ``Thousand Stages, Yet I Have Never Quite Lived.`` Renowned for her roles in traditional Chinese opera, Wei HaiMin boldly interprets ``Past, Present, Future`` in fashion alongside the LianPu Collection. Through innovative and striking visuals, they showcase a shared passion for cultural arts.

JHENG JEWELLERY collaborates with National Arts Award winner and Mei School artist Wei HaiMin

Time is a mighty river, bringing the unknown and carrying away moments like poetry. When director Ong KengSen turns his gaze toward Taiwan, the island vividly presents him with three names—Wei HaiMin, Chen ChiehJen, and Chang ChaoTang—all navigating the tides of their times. In this solo performance, visual artist Chen ChiehJen opens a tunnel, allowing the flow of time to traverse the stage, enabling Wei HaiMin to recreate six iconic roles from her acting career, while also retracing Taiwan's past six decades—from the Nationalist Party's retreat to Taiwan to the lifting of martial law and the advent of democracy. All the joys and sorrows, unfinished stories along the way, are captured through the masterful lens of Chang ChaoTang.

``Thousand Stages, Yet I Have Never Quite Lived`` explores Taiwan’s societal and political upheavals, intertwining personal and traditional narratives to present contemporary Taiwan on stage.

JHENG JEWELLERY - ``The LianPu Collection`` Using Centennial Craftsmanship, Intricately Carves the Faces of Life

Interpreting the brilliance of life through traditional Chinese opera, intricately portraying the faces of various characters, driven by the desire to cherish beautiful memories of family gatherings and theater appreciation, as well as an exploration of cultural heritage, The LianPu Collection is brought to life. Each piece in this collection is uniquely crafted, symbolizing one-of-a-kind touching emotions. Not only encapsulate the precious emotions but also highlights JHENG's expertise to record life's extraordinary moments through jewellery. Through the journey of self-discovery, the value of jewellery transcends into a priceless heirloom that preserves memories.

With the unique aesthetic of JHENG, the LianPu Collection demonstrates both top-notch jewellery craftsmanship and achieves a harmonious balance between Eastern and Western design through the intricate use of rare colored gemstones. Each creation undergoes a rigorous process, from waiting for the perfect gemstone to involving over 20 craftsmen and taking an average of three years to complete each splendid LianPu Collection.

Lemon Chrysoberyl Black Diamond LianPu Pendant

Exquisitely crafted with lemon chrysoberyl, jadeite, 58 black diamonds, colorful gemstones, and 661 diamonds. Twenty artisans spent three years creating this exquisite and unparalleled LianPu pendant.
Made of 18K gold and white gold, lemon chrysoberyl, ice jadeite, yellow jadeite, yellow diamonds, black diamonds, agate, pear shaped rose cut diamonds, round rose cut diamonds, and diamonds.
Can be worn as a convertible brooch or pendant.